Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First of the third

This is my first post of my third blog. I'd had two before. I deleted both of them because they were disturbingly outdated. Why do I need a blog? I do think about things. Many things. And I need a place where I can tell others what I've thought about. Of course I do have friends to whom I pour out what's inside my head. But some things probably belong here.
I pray to Allah for His salvation so I won't go astray in my writings and I also pray so He would guide me when I write so my words will only benefit others.
I can't help it but to think about our youth. In recent years, every hour, there's always something reminding me about the social decadence plaguing our youngsters. Our Muslim Malay youngsters. One of many predicaments, which is probably the most crucial, is the misconception about love. Opposite-sex love to be specific. From what I've experienced and observed, young people nowadays perceive love as merely a feeling of fondness and affection. The biggest mistake here is that they do not realize that with love comes commitment.
I believe love is an indescribable gift from Allah. It is pure. It's never meant to hurt or harm people. But, what we are seeing now is love being tainted with maksiat to Allah, lust, betrayals, and artful lies and deceptions. I would like to say more about betrayals and lies from a quite different perspective but I need to go now. I'll surely continue soon.