Saturday, November 28, 2009

Namewee vs. TNB: sedikit komentar

I would like to share my comments on an article posted at The Star Online on Thursday. The article is about the Namewee's recent outburst against TNB. The video of his outburtst is available on Youtube. Just search for 'namewee tnb'. You can read the article at The Star Online here.

Bengkok thought process

the introduction of the article, I believe the writer is trying to defend Namewee. The writer begins his article with: "give a neutral evaluation of what Namewee done, if he was someone else." Konon-konon nak ajar kita bersikap objektif.

I think that this writer has a
bengkok (distorted) thought process. If you're looking at Namewee's action with an objective perspective, you will quickly condemn it. No person with good understanding of right and wrong would agree with voicing discontentment in that manner.

Dear Mr. / Ms. Writer, considering your real intention, I think you should have asked us all to skew our perspective on Namewee for his previous attack on our national anthem. You should write, "This person has suffered from bad reputation of his racial work." Then, we would all think that it's expected from a person who suffers from lack of morality and bad reputation to act out of impudence.

Common scene?

I also find it difficult to believe that what happened at the TNB office in Muar last week is a common scene in Malaysia. Harrassing people with vulgar words does not really matter in legalities; but it is considered a crime in a community who upholds values and modesty. Don't ever try to make this recent verbal attack at the TNB office look easy in front of our kids. They should learn and believe that it is never okay to act out in such way.

Dear Mr. / Ms. Writer, you are talking on a fragile basis because you did not provide us with evidence.
Cakap atas angin.

Only EQ?

Let's try to analyze the writer's opinion in this chunk of the article.

"But there was one phrase which I think he is lack of EQ. He said things like, "I don't want to talk to you (TNB personnel), I only talk to big shots". But it is still a common scenario of Malaysia citizen expressing without much thought."

After paragraphs of irrelevant arguments in defence of Namewee, the writer might have realized that he or she is not being objective here. Hence, he or she decided to throw in some criticisms on Namewee to cover his or her favoritism for him. That is funny of the writer.

What do you think objective means? Being objective does not mean to have the same the weight of favoritism and criticism on an issue. Being objective as defined by Oxford English Dictionary is being "not influenced by
personal feelings or opinions, or being actual (I would say real)". If you want to be objective, you say "Right!" when things are right, and "Wrong!" when things are wrong.

Namewee does not only lack EQ. His whole outburst drama at the TNB office is evidence to his lack in EQ. Not just the part about he wanted to talk to the "
big shots". His rap products do not have intellectual values and thus are evidence to his lack in IQ. How about his SQ? I think we can all answer that question.

Racial content from no-racist people?

Namewee's works do have racial content. And for that people easily call him a racist and that is not unexpected.

Dear Mr. / Ms. Writer, let's now learn how to be objective. To be objective in evaluating Namewee's works, we shall look only at the content of his works and disregard about his personality. One's personality will create in us feelings and perceptions towards him / her. It's difficult for us to not be influenced by our feelings and perceptions (since they lie in our brain).

Both of us (the writer and I) agree that the content of Namewee's works is very much likely to stir up racial sentiment in the society. Something that can inflame the "fire" of racism is what we call racist. Am I not right? Furthermore, do you think this kind of work will benefit the society, especially the younger generation, in any way? I don't think so. Hence, we can conclude that Namewee's works are racist and in fact, when we discuss about the effects it could have on the children, can potentially become harmful.

People vs. Namewee

What the people want from the government is probably the same with what Namewee wants. However, what he's done is not congruent with what the people believe in heart.

The fuss between Namewee and a few TNB workers.

wAllahu 'alam

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Risk and return: by Sumayah Hasan

Artikel ini sangat-sangat menarik perhatian saya kerana berulang kali saya mengingatkan diri saya, adik-adik saya, dan kawan-kawan tentang sifir hidup yang Allah S.W.T. telah tetapkan. Sifir yang amat mudah. Investment yang baik, pulangannya tentulah baik. Kalau salah tempat pelaburannya, padahlah pulangannya.

Risk and Return

"Every little action counts and should be treated accordingly. We have to look at our life in an objective manner to see the bigger picture. We have to check our intentions constantly, and make sure that our principal (our actions) isn’t invested in anything other than pleasing Allah (swt) or bettering our hereafter. Investing in anything else would be the worst decision you could ever make, right?"

Read more here

wAllahu 'alam

Monday, November 23, 2009

Success and failure

Success and failure sit on opposite ends. They are a classical antonym pair. Having to be at one end can do two things to you: it can superglue you there forever or it can spring you off to the other end. What will happen depends on how much positive energy you have in you.

Positive energy

Being on the top of world can bring you down into the grave of failure when you displace the positive energy with complacency. However, failing once in a while can bounce you back up, even higher than where you were before, if you are able to face the failure with positive energy.

You will continue to be a failure if you can't get the positive energy in you to propel you out of the gloom. On the other hand, you will continue to enjoy success, or even create greater ones, if you are able to maintain the positive energy in you.

wAllahu 'alam

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hati dan bahagia

Orang selalu ingin mencari bahagia. Tapi, orang selalu keliru antara kebahagiaan dan kepuasan. Kebahagian itu selalu yang merasanya adalah hati. Kepuasan itu selalu yang mengecapnya adalah nafsu.

Mari kita cari bahagia dalam solat dan taubat. Mari kita cari bahagia dengan berterima kasih kepada Tuhan.
Mari kita cari bahagia di antara baris-baris kalam Ilahi. Kemudian, mari kita cari bahagia dengan memberi.Mari kita cari bahagia dengan mengembara. Mari kita cari bahagia dengan berbalas senyuman. Mari kita cari bahagia dengan bermaaf-maafan.

wAllahu 'alam