Thursday, February 28, 2008

To understand responsibility

What does responsibility mean? Dictionaries will give you these definitions--obligation, reliability, dependability, and answerability. A few days back, I was shown a new perspective of what it means.

I was horribly late for a class (I am usually late, but this time it's kinda unforgiven). Hehe. Anyways, I was late and the teacher was awfully mad at me. After she dismissed the class, she called me to see her. She asked why I was late. I told her I had a Student Council meeting and I had to stay up late last night studying for a test on that day. And I overslept. I was hoping that she would let me go because the meeting "excuse". And this was what she told me; "Being in the Student Council doesn't make you special over the other students. In any way. Being here (in class) at 8 am, sharp, is your responsibility and you have to fulfil it no matter what happened last night or the night before. Being a student council committee member is a choice that you made. If being a student council committee hinders you from completing your responsibility, then you should think of letting the position go."

It was a cute ('coz the teacher is kinda cute) but painful slap in the face, but she was certainly right. Allah has been trying to teach me about the meaning of responsibility 5 times a day since the first time I learnt about solat (and that was like 18 years ago) but I never realized about it until that day. Solat is your responsibility and no matter what happens, you still have to carry it out. If you're sick, you still need to do solat but Allah has provided you with options to facilitate you. Kalau you musafir pun, there are options to help you carry out your "responsibility". Even when you're in a war, you have to carry out solat and options are provided to ease you up.

"A responsibility is something that you're committed to and have to carry out in all situations."

Monday, February 25, 2008

We live in a democratic country--yahoo!!

My friends were preparing for a biology quiz and I was writing this post. Early this morning, we were scheming through yesterday's newspaper (medical students here are always one-day behind) and we saw a very nice poster of Barisan Nasional on NST and a friend of mine asked me why there's no poster of 'pembangkang' on the paper. Adoi... "It's because we live in a truely democratic country", I answered cynically. Believe it or not, our youth don't realize that the democracy in our country is merely superficial. It's just what we tell people of other countries when they ask about our government system.

Cast your vote with wisdom.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Today is the fifth day since it's ended. And I'm getting better. It's been quite difficult, but I need to let her go. It's probably that I'm not good enough for her and I finally can accept that. She has accepted that fact for a long time as she'd been constantly telling me about how I could have been sleazier. Well, life has to go on and I'm proceeding.

Today is my roommate's birthday and he's happy. We celebrated his birthday last night with him taking away a lot of "pongi". The cake was gooooood. Hehe.

What else had happened today? I didn't finish up my lab report and my work is pilling up. It's now only God who can save me.

We had a three-hour session of Pengajian Malaysia today. What kind of suprised me was how the instructor could deny the existence of phantom voters in our country by simply arguing that every contesting party can buy the e-list of the legitimate voters at certain areas. Come on la. The list is provided by the SPR aka 'the government' and they can alter the list as they wish. It was unexpected of him, knowing his educational background and his vast working experience in the government sector. I'd say his argument was totally a naive one.

Today I also checked my voting status and I'm registered. Yahoo! I'm going to be back in Johor on the election day and I pray for His Guidance in choosing the right leader. I also pray that He will let the people who are fighting on his Sabil to win this election.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Hati yang Busuk

Aku belai seekor kucing,
sederhana besar,
ku namai si Ali.

Suatu malam,
sebelum fikiran ku tenggelam dalam laut malam,
ku dakap si Ali erat,
terhidu bau mulutnya pekat.

Benar seperti kata kawan-kawan ku,
bau mulut si Ali boleh menusuk kalbu.

Tapi aku katakan pada si kucing,
lebih rela aku hirup udara dari mulut mu,
daripada udara yang keluar dari mulut-mulut manusia,
yang berasalkan hati yang mati,
tak ubah bagai bangkai.