Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No to pornography!

I am writing this to express my disapproval against the display of ‘pornographic’ materials on the headlines of Utusan Malaysia, edition May 02, 2012. Coming from the community of future health practitioners from many fields—medicine, pharmacy, homeopathy, paramedic, etc.—I strongly object this act and consider it as irresponsible and can only bring harm to the Malaysian society.

I am really worried that the outspread of these obscene photographs will annul the continuous and progressive efforts various organizations to build a society of the highest morality. Moreover, we can see the same reaction of the general public to this matter as many are showing discontent to the yesterday’s Utusan Malaysia headlines. It is important that we recognize that our youth are the one that are going to be mostly affected by this unhealthy trend of the mass media.

The mainstream media should realize that they hold a crucial responsibility in shaping the character and perspective of the nation’s youth. They should not let any political motive to interfere with this responsibility as it will soon prove to be deleterious to the people’s interest and the social harmony.

All the mainstream media cooperation must act more responsibly and be more careful in choosing the materials for general public display. This is to ensure that the social development of the nation’s youth would not be hampered by virulent dirty social culture. The youth and their worldview do have a deciding role in the progress of our country. 

wAllahu 'alam.